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"Scott has been such an inspiration and key motivator to me. He helped me change my life from the very start of my weight loss/fitness journey and I'm glad it was him cause I don't know if I would have been as successful if I started with someone else."   Amy H.

Optim-us4Life is committed to bringing you content that supports living an optimal life. We do this by breaking down your health into 4 elements of action: Move, Fuel, Rest, and Center. MOVE your body every day. FUEL your body well every day. REST your body and your mind every day. CENTER your mind and your soul every day. We will deliver tips, tricks and strategies alongside inspiration and motivation to ensure your success in living an optimal life!

Apr 5, 2018

Welcome to another episode of Optim-us4Life with me your host Scott Lee Kunkel.


We are here to bring you tips, tools and strategies for a life of optimal health and wellness. We do this by supporting what we call the 4 elements of action. These are:

MOVE, you have to move your body every day

FUEL, you need to fuel your body with good nutrition

REST, you need to rest your body and rest your mind

CENTER, you should center your mind and center your soul


In this special episode I share the amazing story of Christian Griffith and his quest to raise $1,000,000. His organization, Run2Heal, was designed to support "Help for Children". Help for Children gives grants to aid in the treatment and prevention of child abuse. Christian is raising awareness by running across the entire United States, from New York to San Francisco, over the next 5 1/2 months. As a child abuse survivor, Christian wants to get people talking and talking LOUDLY!




I joined up with Christian near Wind Gap, Pennsylvania to run with him for his morning leg that day. Our conversation takes place over the first 6 miles or so of the 13 miles we ran together. Along the way we discuss Run2Heal and Help for Children, endurance events and training, mentors, human currency, getting out of the "box" and the misunderstanding of "inappropriate behavior".




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Sit back and enjoy the show!


Next episode I will cover fatigue and why you are so tired.


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Be healthy and well and we will talk again soon…


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